Parallel Plane Sweep  0.1
Shared memory multithreaded version of the plane sweep algorithm
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halfsegment.h File Reference
#include <iostream>

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class  halfsegment
 holds a single halfsegment, along with labeling information and information indicating if the opposing region's interior lies above and/or below the halfsegment. More...


bool leftHandturn (double p1x, double p1y, double p2x, double p2y, double p3x, double p3y)

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bool leftHandturn ( double  p1x,
double  p1y,
double  p2x,
double  p2y,
double  p3x,
double  p3y 

Left hand turn test

returns true if when you start at p1, and walk towards p2, you have to make a left turn at p2 in order to continue walking to p3.

Takes 3 points. The parameters are the x and y values for point p1, the x and y values for point p2, and the x and y values for point p3.

Definition at line 30 of file halfsegment.h.