Topic Paper Reference Suggestions

Spring 2008


Instructor: Bill White

Student: Mariela Caballero



1.          “Assessing the Security of VOiP Services”

H. Abdelnur, R. State, I. Chrisment, and C. Pop

10th IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on Integrated Network Management

May 2007

pages 373-382


2.          Vulnerability Analysis and Best Practices for Adopting IP Telephony in Critical Infrastructure Sectors

Feng Cao and Saadat Malik

IEEE Communications Magazine (Volume 44, Number 4)

April 2006

pages 138-145


3.          “Seven Myths about Voice over IP”

Steven Cherry

IEEE Spectrum (Volume 42, Number 3)

March 2005

pages 52-57


4.          “Can I Add a Secure VoIP Call?”

Arlen Nascimento, Alexandre Passito, Edjair Mota, Edson Nascimento, and Leandro Carvalho

Proceedings of the 2006 International Symposium on a World of Wireless, Mobile, and Multimedia Networks

Buffalo, NY

June 2006

pages 435-437


5.          “VoIP Security: Not an Afterthought”

Douglas C. Sicker and Tom Lookabaugh

Queue (Volume 2, Number 5)

September 2004

pages 56-64


6.          “Denial of Service Attacks Targeting a SIP VoIP Infrastructure: Attack Scenarios and Prevention Mechanisms”

Dorgham Sisalem, Jiri Kuthan, and Sven Ehlert

IEEE Network (Volume 20, Number 5)

September/October 2006

pages 26-31


7.          “Wiretapping Woes”

Sandra Upson

IEEE Spectrum (Volume 44, Number 5)

May 2007

pages 10-12


8.          “Denial of Service Attack and Prevention on SIP VoIP Infrastructures Using DNS Flooding”

Ge Zhang, Sven Ehrlert, and Thomas Magedanz

Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Principles, Systems, and Applications of IP Telecommunications

New York, NY

July 2007

pages 57-66