Botball - Greater St. Louis Region
(Excerpt from recruitment letter)

To: School Guidance Counselor

(Please bring to the attention of Principal, Science, Math, and Technology Teachers)

Re: Botball Educational Robotics Program at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

The Botball Educational Robotics Program is an opportunity for your students to get involved in engineering and technology while building robots to compete in an exciting tournament with teams from other schools across the region. The program provides instruction and practice in engineering, project management, teamwork, and computer programming. Botbal allows students to transfer and use content knowledge gained in language arts, physics, science, math and apply them using process skills to real life, inquiry based problems and projects. The Botball program is aligned to the National Science, Technology and Math Standards.

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, a short drive from St. Louis, is host to the Greater St. Louis Botball Regional Tournament. This year’s tournament engaged 300+ students from 20 regional schools that competed in front of an audience of 300+ people.
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