Research Students

Scott Miller, Masters Thesis, Completed 2011
Coordination of Impromptu Heterogeneous Robot Teams

Robert Long, Masters Thesis, Completed 2010
Distributed Auction-Based Initialization of Mobile Robot Formations

Andrew Nyambweke, Masters Thesis, Completed 2010
A Tangible Interface to Improve Situation Awareness in Human-Robot Interaction

Brent Beer, Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Award, Completed 2010
Human-Robot Interaction Large Formations of Robots

Jeffery R. Croxell, Masters Thesis, Completed 2009
Accelerometer Based Discovery of Robotic Limbs

Ross A. Mead, Masters Thesis, Completed 2008
Cellular Automata for Control of Robots in Large Formations

Erin J. Harris, Masters Thesis, Completed 2007
User's Personality Type and the Design of Computer Interfaces

Ross Mead, Undergraduate Research Academy Award, Completed 2007
Impromptu Teams of Heterogeneous Mobile Robots

Ross Mead, Undergraduate Research Academy Award, Completed 2006
Algorithms for Control and Interaction of Large Formations of Robots

Bryan Grubaugh, Undergraduate Research Academy Award, Completed 2005
The Effects of the Testing Environment on User Performance in Software Usability Testing

Ermei Yao, Masters Project, Completed 2004
Gene Cluster Identification and Analysis

Gary Mayer, Masters Thesis, Completed 2004
Implementation of a Hybrid Robot Control Architecture on an Inexpensive Robot Platform

Edmond J. Abrahamaian, Doctor of Philosophy, Saint Louis University, Completed 2003
The Effect of Computer-Human Interfaces Designed for Specific Personality Types on Learning

Nisha Dharna, Undergraduate Research Academy Award, Completed 2003
The Social and Psychological Effects of Animated Characters on Computer Users

Erin Ecker, Undergraduate Research Academy Award, Completed 2002
Effects of Social Facilitation & Electronic Monitoring on Usability Testing

Micheal Bennett, Masters Project, Completed 2000
The Hyperlink Agent Project

Kristin Caufield, Masters Project, Completed 1999
Web Site Design using Participatory Design Methods

Laurie Corwin, Masters Project, Completed 1999
A Knowledge Discover System Framework

Steve Klein, Masters Project, Completed 1998
Hypertension Decision Aide: An Intelligent Web-Based System for the Treatment of Hypertension Patients