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A photo in this month: taken at Victoria (at the Empress Hotel), British Columbia, Canada, (C) H. Fujinoki

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Photo Gallery

From Alaska

Alaskan Fiyold in the Afternoon (219K)

On a day in the autumun (116K)

Alaska Rail Road (105K)

Nameless peaks in Denali Nat'l Park (110K)

Mt.McKinley Panorama (217K w/ MIDI)

Arctic Ground Squirrel (150K w/ MIDI)

From Western Canada

Mountain Reflection on Lake Annete (97K)

Jasper/Alberta (143K w/ MIDI)

At Lake Louise (86K)

The Empress in Dusk (221K)

Victoria Congress Hall (227K)

Ogden Point on Canadian Pacific (258K)

From Seattle, Washington:

In Full Broom (90K)

The Univ. of Washington (146K)

Seattle 1 (100K)

Seattle 2 (100K)

Seattle 3 (100K)

Seattle 4 (370K)

From Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, A City of Architects (126K)

Street Skyscraper (221K)

Chicago 3 (100K)

Chicago 4 (276K)

Chicago 5 (100K)

From Japan

Autumn Bloom (177K)

Forest in Mist (181K)

Leaves and Sky (93K)

Japanese Beauty (277K)

A Village in Snow (164K)

Over the Arctic Circle ...

Alaska 1 (154K)

Alaska 2 (303K)

Alaska 3 (100K)

Alaska 4 (100K)

Alaska 1 (154K)

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