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CS286 Computer Organization and Architecture
Section 002 - Fall, 2017

This is the home of CS286 Introduction to Computer Organization and Architecture (section 002), Fall 2017

Instructor: Dr. Hiroshi Fujinoki
Office: EB 2034
Office Phone: 650-3727
E-mail: hfujino@siue.edu
Instructor's HP: www.siue.edu/~hfujino
Notice: When you are sending me e-mail, please specify "CS286-002" in the subject field of your e-mail.

Office Hours:

Course Prerequisite:

CS-150 (Intro. Compute II) or the instructor's permission. Please talk to the instructor if you have not taken these courses.

Required textbook:

Title: Computer Organization and Design
Edition: Fifth Edition
ISBN: 978-0-12-407726-3

Author: J. Hennessy and D. Patterson
Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann

Course Objectives:

This course is an undergraduate level computer organization and architecture. We will discuss organization of modern computer systems to understand what are major components in computer systems and how they work. The goal of this course is to acquire essential knowledge about computer hardware organization and to master analytical skills to measure or predict both component-level and system-level performance. By the end of the semester, you will be able to (1) identify major components in computer systems and (2) to describe how those components work. Fields of coverage include the following issues: various evaluation methods for computer performance, assembly language programming, processor data-path design, control unit design, memory hierarchy, virtual and cache memory design and multi-processor systems.

Course Syllabus:

Course Syllabus is available here (MS WORD version).

Course Project:

Assembly programing assignments

How to contact the instructor?

There are two ways to contact Dr. Fujinoki:

(1) Through e-mail: You can contact the instructor by e-mail. E-mail: hfujino@siue.edu
(2) Drop-by during the office hours.
(3) By appointment (please send e-mail to Dr. Fujinoki).

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Weekly Notices:

Week 1:

(7) Here are the exercise questions scheduled on August 25th (MS word format).
(6) Here is the list of the possible questions for Quiz #1 (MS word format).
(5) Disability Support Services at SIUE requested me to make this annocuncement:

(4) Here are the PPT slides that summarize what are the source code files in a high-level programming language, assembly language and binary machine codes (make sure to download MPEG file for animation - save the mpg file in the same directory you saved "Week_01.ppt").
(3) Bring your calculator to every CS286 lecture.
(2) Here is the "Quick Tour" presentation for "What is computer organization"?
(1) Welcome to CS 286 / Intro. to Computer Organization. See you in the class.

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