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Undergraduate Programs


The first requirement for admission is an interest in computing. It is not necessary that students know anything about programming before taking the introductory programming course, CS 140 (Introduction to Computing I), but they should have some prior experience in using a computer (e.g., word processing, spreadsheets, and electronic mail). If students do not have this prior experience, it is recommended they take CMIS 108 (Computer Concepts and Applications) first.

In order to be admitted to the BS or BA program, students must satisfy the requirements for admission to a program in the School of Engineering:

  1. Completion of all Academic Development courses required by the University
  2. Completion of any required courses to address high school deficiencies
  3. Completion of MATH 120 (College Algebra) or high school equivalent with a grade of C or better
  4. Cumulative grade average of at least 2.0 on a 4.0 scale

A student may be dropped from the program in any of the following circumstances:

  1. He or she has a GPA of less than 2.0 in all computer science courses
  2. He or she has a GPA of less than 2.0 in all mathematics courses
  3. He or she has a cumulative GPA of less than 2.0
  4. He or she fails to enroll in courses toward fulfillment of program requirements for three consecutive semesters

For more information, click the appropriate link under "Admission Criteria" on the university's main admissions page.

Degree Requirements

Requirements Category BA Semester Hours Required BS Semester Hours Required
Core Courses 27 34
Senior Project Courses 06 06
Mathematics Courses 11 16
Science Courses 03 14
Foreign Language Courses 08 00
Courses leading to a Non-CS Minor 18 00
General Education Courses 32 36
Elective Courses (Computing) 06 12
Elective Courses (Other) 13 06

For undergraduate overviews, checklists, and sample programs, please visit our Downloads and Forms section.